Successful tidying with GoodGym

IMG_8081.JPGThis Monday, we had the pleasure of a very very useful visit from the runners of GoodGym who swung by to help us tidy up the square. The small helper was busy decorating the square when a group of runners in red tops appeared and got stuck into raking, chopping and weeding around the square- these guys are very useful! You can read all about their run on their website report here.

I have gotten in touch with another local square who also have the runners helping out to ask them for tips on how to make the most of this amazing (and fun!) resource as we will definitely be asking them to come and play again.

Meanwhile, a mysterious collection of black bags containing what looks like compost has arrived on the square- does anyone want to confess to delivering these? If nobody minds, I would love to dig it into the rose bed and plant some more flowering shrubs around there.

Also, please could you keep watering the flowers under the three trees between New North Road and Wilton Villas so they survive this heatwave? It would be a shame to lose them as they bring a lot of joy to the people who pass them daily.

I leave you with some pictures of Monday’s session:

GoodGym helpers

We have been in touch with the GoodGym coordinator for UnknownIslington and they have agreed to come and lend us a helping hand with looking after the square.

A little bit about GoodGym:

“GoodGym is a community of runners who get fit by doing good.

Whether you’re new to running or are trying to beat your marathon PB, we’d love to have you involved in doing some good in your area.

We do physical tasks that benefit our community and keep us fit. You can run in a pack to work on a community project, do one off missions to help vulnerable people or commit to visit an isolated older person every week.

You’ll get the help of a qualified trainer and support to achieve your goals.”

Does that not sound a little bit amazing?imagesI have added the event to the calendar – please do feel free to come along to help if you have the time. I’ve also asked the council to lend us some tools on Monday so fingers crossed they will come through!


Play Streets scheme

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 16.36.35Some of us have been discussing the possibility of closing Wilton Square and some of
Baring street regularly to allow the local children to play on the streets freely as part of Islington council’s Play Streets scheme. I have had the form for this for a while, however, the council suggest that we organise a residents’ meeting to discuss the finer details of this plan before we submit the request to them. The next deadline for doing this is August 31st.

We will be arranging such a meeting towards the end of July and let you know the details shortly but meanwhile please have a look at the relevant materials: