Thank you so much!

So GGmany things to be thankful for this time!

First off, thank you so much, everyone who voted for us in the Grassroots Giving campaign from Skipton. We have been awarded one of their £500 grants and will put it to good use in beautifying the square.

The weekend before last we had a very successful gardening day where we collected a lot of lovely leaves and made some chicken wire rings to store them to make leaf mould which will be used to improve the soil.

In other news, it looks like there might finally be movement on the compost front as out Treasurer is valiantly taken on the quest to resolve all permission and logistics issues. Our next gardening day is December 4th – taking bets on whether or not we’ll have compost by then!

We also had a fantastic Halloween party with a great turn-out on October 30th. The parents were happily chatting as the kids pinned arms on skeletons and had a generally ghoulish time. Thank you to everyone who helped organise- specially the Foy/ Hehir household who did most of the heavy lifting.

A few (badly lit) pictures here: