Compost spreading

We seem to have finally gotten over the compost hill as GoodGym  came out in force to help us move the last of it off the lawn in preparation for the council’s work to aerate, scarify, level (with the correct compost!) and drill seed the lawn areas. You can read the GoodGym report here.

We have seen signs of (happy) life on the square as the spring flowers start poking their heads out and Hellebores and anemone continue to flower. We had a very successful planning meeting on the 22nd – thank you to everyone that attended.

Some exciting plans afoot- we will shortly be placing three options with planting layouts for the square on this site as well as the square itself and would greatly appreciate your feedback on which you think would be best for the park.

Don’t forget, it’s Community gardening this Sunday the 5th at 10 am!

I leave you with pictures of last night’s antics.

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