Merry Christmas and an opportunity to work off those mince pies!

Happy Christmas to everybody!

It’s been a busy year on the square but it’s not over yet! It seems we were slightly over-enthusiastic with the compost that was recently delivered, which means it has to now be moved from the lawn area to the borders which does give us a wonderful opportunity to get some post- turkey exercise.

Let’s gather at 10 am on December 29th and show our strength and get that compost moved. The council have very kindly promised to then help us level the ground properly and also aerate and reseed the lawn areas.



Preparing for a blooming spring

It has been a very very busy few weeks on the square.

During the community gardening day on December 4th we planted about 900 spring-flowering bulbs from the Taylor Bulbs of Spalding received free via the Bulbs for London scheme run by MPGA. Under Ellen’s watchful eye, the bulbs were planted at the appropriate depth so as to be properly squirrel-proof.

Just for extra awesome, Ellen has also planted hundreds of wallflowers throughout the square.

Last Friday, another long- awaited delivery arrived and we took in 14 tonnes of soil improver, delivered by London Waste as part of their Community Compost Giveaway scheme.

Given that we had been working towards receiving this delivery since about spring, we were still surprised when the notice of delivery was given only a few days in advance. Islington council were extremely helpful in lending us some wheelbarrows which Tony and Isobel kindly stored.

GoodGym were also quick to come to our rescue and posted a mission on their website which, due to the short notice and time of day was not terribly popular but yielded in a very very useful volunteer who helped us move all of the compost.

Well done, everyone! The square is now almost ready for spring and the compost smell is already fading.