September is here

IMG_9332September has started and summer seems to be on its last legs. On Saturday, we visited our friends over at Arlington Square who put on an amazing fete, despite the precarious weather situation!

We did quite a lot of tidying on the Square n Sunday with Tony and Stephen tidying up around the edges of the square as well as doing some much- needed watering. Victoria and Merje, meanwhile, raked up all the leaves from the lawn- we were even joined by a resident of Wilton Villas who helped with the raking of the leaves. Victoria also bravely attacked the plane tree seedlings popping up around the square as James watered the lawn.


We also had a very productive meeting last Thursday. Below is what we discussed and agreed:

  • The point was raised that not all residents on the square had access to digital communication methods so we will attempt to do leafleting to notify people of the community gardening days. Starting next month, we will leaflet the local houses to let people know about the gardening days.
  • It appears that the council has agreed to install traffic lights on the corner of Baring street and New North Road and has also suggested that this would be an opportune time to create the pocket park around the three trees between New North Road and Wilton Villas. We will follow up on this to find out about the timelines so we have an idea of whether to plant more bedding plants under the trees for the winter.
  • We have chopped the twisty water hose in the box on the square and now seem to have decent water pressure- this is great but we will still need to buy a hose that doesn’t twist quite so much
  • The Baring Arms may have an additional box key left there by the previous owners
  • Skipton has put us through to the second round for the fundraising opportunity and the voting is now open. We will use all available channels to promote the voting link which is located here:
  • We will also look into the Tesco funding scheme
  • After discussing the situation with the tools on the square, it was decided that we could do with at least one set of tools permanently available on the square.
  • Now that the SLA and insurance are in place, we are finally in a position to order the compost and will set to getting this sorted as a priority. We will consider the planting scheme once that is done.
  • We decided that it would be nice to have some bulbs on the Baring street triangle and have allocated some budget for bulbs to go in the Baring street triangle and also in the squareIMG_9343
  • We will have two information plaques created – one for each entrance to the square. The exact wording of these is TBC but will follow the example of the sign on Rosemary Triangle and also include the address of this website.
  • We have previously discussed the idea of getting Wilton Square listed with the film council’s Islington site and are now in the process of doing this.
  • The history section of the website is currently rather limited and we are approaching some of the older residents on the square to see if they would be happy to be interviewed about the square.